Classes and Teachers

Children are grouped into three year groups and there are three mixed ability classes in each year group.  This year we are expanding to have 4 classes in YR.

  • Year R (reception year for four to five year olds)
    Year R class names reflect the local mini-beast population and are called Ladybirds, Butterflies, Bumblebees and Caterpillars.
  • Year One (five to six year olds)
    Year 1 classes are named after local birds – Magpies, Robins and Woodpeckers.
  • Year Two (six to seven year olds)
    Year 2 classes reflect our wonderful school grounds and are named Hedgehogs, Foxes and Squirrels.

In addition to a fully-qualified teacher,each class has a full-time learning support assistant.  Also, here is one full-time ELSA and Librarian, who works with children across the school.

School Staff - May 2017

classes_teachers_page‘In all lessons, group work is especially well planned, with highly skilled teaching assistants supporting learning exceptionally well.’
Ofsted 2010