Link Schools

At Four Lanes, we aim to ensure that children:

  • Develop awareness and understanding of people, the local community, the links and connections between them and the wider the world.
  • Develop an awareness of world issues, how they can contribute and have an impact on these.
  • Have a positive understanding of other cultures and countries, understanding similarities and differences, to enable them to think beyond stereotypes and celebrate diversity.
  • Develop an awareness of the need to take care of the environment.
  • Foster respect and develop each child’s understanding of their rights, respect and responsibilities in the context of the local, national and global community.

We believe that children need to develop this global awareness and understanding because they need to:

  •  Understand the people and the world around them.
  • Begin to understand issues in the world.
  • Develop an understanding of getting on and falling out.
  • Have a positive understanding of other cultures.
  • Be more aware of links and connections between the local and the wider world.
  • Be aware of where they fit in with the wider world and how they can help to contribute.
  • Know their actions have consequences and have an impact on the world.
  • Broaden their awareness of their impact on the world.
  • Understand similarities and differences, rich and poor and think beyond stereotypes.
  • Develop awareness of their responsibilities within the world, their awareness of the potential for change.

We are a rights respecting school. We teach the children that all children have the same rights – to food, water, a home, to be cared for by a family, to play and to learn.  This is threaded through our curriculum.  To develop the children’s global awareness, we have made links with other schools.

The children in YrR link with a school in England, the children in Yr1 with a school in France and in Yr2 with a school at Alara in Kenya.  The aim of the project is for the children to share information about being at school at Four Lanes and to find out the similarities with and differences from children in other schools.

More information about Alara and photographs may be found on the Kenya 2020 website.  A representative of the charity has been into school to talk to the children.  Last year we sent the children in Alara some balls, laptops and books.