School Council

The aim of the School Council is for the children to understand that their thoughts and views are important and that they can have impact on the running of the school.

There are 20  members of the School Council as the children in each of the ten classes elect a boy and a girl to represent them.  Through a suggestions box and class council meetings, all the children are able to share their views and suggest issues for discussion by the School Council.

‘School councillors take their roles very seriously, being confident that their views are valued by adults.’

Ofsted 2010

The Council has developed a playground code of conduct and chose playground markings and new equipment.  They annually chooses a charity to support, as well as deciding how the charity will be supported.  This year’s charity was ‘Walk Emmy Walk’ when a non-uniform day raised £271.37.

Thank you to FFLS and Fun Fit  fundraising which have helped to pay for playground improvements.

Plan 1

Plan 2

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