We believe that the development of early learning skills and positive attitudes to learning are a crucial part of infant education as we are forming the foundation for future learning.  Our aim is to ensure every child receives a broad and balanced education.  We strive for excellence in the quality of teaching and learning that we provide and effective leadership is one of the key strengths of our school.

‘Individual pupils’ interests are capitalised on well, resulting in an excellent curriculum that helps both boys and girls, pupils from different backgrounds and those who speak English as an additional language, to learn easily.’ 

Ofsted 2010

We make learning exciting and enjoyable through interactive teaching, school visitors such as a visiting farm and the fire service, investigation of features of the local area and outings to places of interest (such as Marwell Zoo, Milestones Museum and The Hillier Gardens and Arboretum).

Our wonderful school grounds also provide a rich source of educational opportunities. The children in the Reception classes enjoy regular ‘wellie’ walks, and all children enjoy investigating the school field, pond and woodland area.

Please find our curriculum documents below. More information on each subject of the curriculum for Year R and Key Stage 1 (Year1 and Year2) is available in the school prospectus.

Year 2

2017/18 - Autumn 1 - The Jolly Postman
2016/17 - Summer Term 2 - Travel
2016/17 - Summer Term 1 - Healthy Eating
2016/17 - Spring Term 2 - The Great Fire of London
2016/17 - Spring Term 1 - Off to Kenya

Year 1

2017/18 - Autumn 1 - One Upon a Time
2016/2017 - Summer Term 1 - Heroes
2016/2017 - Spring Term 1 - Titanic
2016/2017 - Autumn Term 2 - The Toy Factory

Year R

2017/18 - Autumn Term 1
2016/17 - Summer Term 2
2016/2017 - Summer Term 1
2016/2017 - Spring Term 2
2016/2017 - Spring Term 1
2016/2017 - Autumn Term 2


Y2 SATs information meeting 5th April 2017
2015/2016 - Maths - Curriculum Meeting
2015/2016 - Maths - Progression in calculation introduction
2015/2016 - Maths - Progression in teaching multiplication
2015/2016 - Maths - Progression in teaching subtraction