Eco-Schools is an international award programme that supports schools in helping to make sustainability an important part of school life.

The Eco-Schools Programme encourages children to think about environmental issues which include:

Waste Energy Water
Litter Biodiversity School Grounds
Healthy Living Transport Global Citizenship

How it works

To be an Eco-School the school must have an Eco-Council.  This Council is made up of children from all classes.  Each Year 1 and 2 class votes at the start of the autumn term for a boy and girl to represent their class on the Eco-Council.  Year R members join in the spring term. As well as children being part of the Eco-Council there are also staff and governor representatives.

The first job for the Eco-Council is to complete an environmental audit in the autumn term.  From this the Eco-Council will make an action plan based on their findings.   This is shared with the school community and displayed on the Eco-Schools display board. Please click here for this year’s environmental audit.

The Eco-Council meet at least once a half term and work towards planning activities to help the school achieve the actions on the action plan.  Minutes are kept from the meetings and shared with the school community.

Minutes from the last Eco-Council meeting can be downloaded here.

This month’s green message is “Keep the school looking nice by putting rubbish in the bin and fruit waste in the compost bins”.

 Eco-Schools Rewards

To celebrate the achievements made against the action plan the school receives a reward.

There are three levels of Eco-Schools rewards plus the Eco-Schools Ambassador role.


We are proud to have achieved the bronze and silver award!