Healthy School

We are very proud that our continuous development of this area has been recognised by the school holding ‘Healthy School’ status for a number of years.  We promote the health and well-being of our children through a well-planned, taught curriculum in a physical and emotional environment that promotes learning and healthy lifestyle choices

Physical Exercise and Development

In addition to physical education and sports lessons, there are plenty of opportunities for physical exercise and development throughout the school day with a range of fixed playground apparatus, playground markings and a wide selection of play equipment available during break times.  At certain times there is also an adult play leader, who leads the children in learning and playing new and traditional playground games.

Children from our linked junior school lead playground games which are much enjoyed during lunchtime break.  Annually, during the spring term, we also hold a sponsored Fun Fit Day when a range of fun physical activities supports us in raising funds to provide further outdoor learning and physical activity opportunities.

Snack Times

While children may bring a healthy snack for break time, the majority participate in the ‘Fruit for Schools’ scheme which provides a free piece of fresh fruit or vegetable for each child daily.  The scheme is very popular with the children and has encouraged many to eat a wider variety of fruit and vegetables.


There are two drinking fountains in the school.  However the children are encouraged to bring bottles of water to school and to drink regularly throughout the day.  Children under the age of five years are entitled to receive a free carton of milk daily.  Children over the age of five years may purchase milk at a low cost.

Keeping Safe

Children are taught how to keep themselves safe, learning how to use equipment and materials safely, the dangers of electricity, the dangers of talking to strangers and the importance of being able to say ‘no’. They are also trained to evacuate the building during an emergency and practices take place at least termly and at different times of the day.