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School Places from 2nd June 2020: FAQs


I said no to a place on the survey, but I have changed my mind.  Can I send my YR child to school after all?

Not at this stage as there is no capacity for additional children in the school.  It was clear that planning would be based on the results of the survey.


I said I was unsure on the YR or Y1 survey, but have changed my mind.  Can I send my child to school after all?

Due to extensive risk assessment, including classroom size and staff availability, the school is at full capacity at the moment.


Why can’t my Y2 child attend school?  It’s their last few weeks before junior school.

The Department for Education have made the decision about prioritising places at school as we start to open more widely.  We have adhered to this but do understand why you are asking this question.


How has the school decided which children to offer places to?

We have followed the prioritisation measures for infant schools from the Department for Education.  Priority is always to children of key workers and any vulnerable children across the school.  YR children as next priority followed by Y1.  Number of places available is based on our risk assessment of the classroom sizes and the number of available staff.


Can my child go on a waiting list for a place?

Current offers of places mean that the school will be at capacity based on our risk assessment of size of classrooms and numbers of available staff.


What are you doing to ensure that the school is clean?

On top of our usual daily cleaning schedule, all staff will clean resources and surfaces throughout the school day.  Any difficult to clean resources have been removed from use.  Friday afternoons will be used for deep cleaning in preparation for the start of the new school week.  School finishes at 12 on Fridays to enable this.


Why are there no hot meals on offer?

Children will stay in their classroom group to eat in the classroom, or outside.  The hall will not be used at lunchtimes as the risk of interaction outside of the classroom group is too great.  Picnic lunches can easily and safely be carried to the classrooms.


Will I get a fine for non-attendance if I don't send my child to school?

No.  It has been made clear by the Department for Education that this will not happen during this period of increasing numbers for the summer term.


I have a child in two different year groups, what do I do about dropping off and picking up?

As far as possible we have ensured that drop off and pick up times are the same for families with children in different year groups in school.


I need to speak to someone in the office, what do I do?

As we are reducing face-to-face contact, please phone the school or email us using the details at the top of this document. 


My child receives pupil premium funding but they are not attending school.  Can I still get free school lunch pack?

Yes.  You should have already been asked about this by the office staff.  If you are unsure, please make contact with the school.


My income status has changed.  How do I register for Pupil Premium funding / free school meals?

You can check this on the school caterer’s website on the following link.  Alternatively, we can check for you if you send in your NI number to the school office.


My child is worried about coming back to school, but I need them to come due to being a critical / key worker.  What are you doing to help them?

We will be focusing on children’s emotional and mental health as a priority as they return to school.  They will all have had very different experiences during the lockdown period and school will not be aware of all of these.  We will continue to provide support for all children in this respect.


My child has not been given a place at school yet.  Will you continue providing home learning?

Yes.  Weekly home learning will continue to be uploaded onto the school website.  This will also be used for children in school.  The Blogging Platform and Tapestry will still be in action.


My child has grown out of their uniform and their school shoes.  Can they wear other things?

We realise that it has been a number of months since the start of the lockdown and children have not stopped growing!  In addition, it is really difficult to buy summer uniform at the moment.  Children can wear their own home clothes.  Please ensure they are regularly changed and washed – ideally daily. Trainers are ideal footwear; please do not send children in sandals as they tend to trip over in them.


The government has aspirations for all primary aged children to return to school before the end of the summer term.  When do you plan on increasing numbers in school?

At the moment we have reached capacity for offered places in school.  We wait for further advice from the government which will continue to be dependent upon the ‘5 key tests’ being met.