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Eco Council

This month's green message: "keep the school looking nice by putting rubbish in the bins and fruit waste in the compost bins".


We are extremely proud of the eco-ethos running through our school with our commitment to reduce, re-use and recycle and we ensure that any decisions taken are sympathetic to these values.  The Eco-Councillors have different responsibilities including recycling, planting and encouraging wildlife in the school grounds as well as promoting eco-initiatives in the school building.  Mrs Bates and Miss Lewis work together with the children to develop various outdoor spaces including our Eco-Garden and various garden beds around the school.


The Eco-Councillors have generated creative ideas on how we can keep our school 'green'.  These have been put into a code of practice which is displayed around the school.  We believe that it is everyone's responsibility to care for the school and its grounds.



Code of Conduct

How it works

The Eco-Council meets at least once a half term and works towards planning activities to help the school achieve actions from the action plan.  Minutes are kept of the meetings and shared with the school community including being displayed in every classroom where they are discussed with the class.


The first job in the school year is for the Eco-Council to complete an environmental audit.  From this an action plan is made.  This is displayed and shared with the school community and can be found by clicking the link below.

Check out some of these 'eco' websites for fun games and activities!