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A flying start...


Picture 1 Fire Service Visit
Picture 2 Multi-Cultural Week Visitor
Picture 3 Inside the State Rooms at Windsor Castle
Picture 4 Windsor Castle
Picture 5 Multi-Cultural Week visitors
Picture 6 Wellington Country Park - meeting some animals
Picture 7 SeaCity Museum
Picture 8 SeaCity Museum

Our aim is to ensure every child receives a broad and balanced education.  We strive for excellence in the quality of teaching and learning that we provide.


We make learning exciting and enjoyable through interactive teaching, school visitors such as police officers, fire service, investigation of features of the local area and outings to places of interest (such as Windsor Castle, Wellington Country Park and SeaCity Museum).  Our wonderful school grounds also provide a rich source of educational opportunities.


We design the curriculum to promote children’s spiritual, moral, social and cultural (SMSC) development and prepare them for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of life.  Opportunities to promote SMSC and fundamental British Values are well thought out.


School values permeate throughout the school and classroom: Respect – Resilience – Confidence - Ambition – Tolerance - Independence. Children are able to talk about these in relation to the school learning mascots which positively support them in reflecting on their learning behaviours.


98% of parents who responded to the July 2018 survey, agreed or strongly agreed that the school provides secure, stimulating and engaging learning environments.

We believe that children learn best when ...

  • They are happy and safe where emotional needs are supported.
  • The curriculum is delivered in an engaging, relevant and exciting way.
  • They have enough time to experience, reflect and apply learning in a new context.
  • There is good rapport with adults and peers.
  • They see examples of excellence.
  • They are given constructive feedback, recognition and praise.
  • They are given opportunity  to learn through a variety of ways.
  • They have opportunities to discuss.
  • They learn from mistakes.
  • They are challenged.


Please find links to our curriculum overview documents below.

Amazing Writing!

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