Four Lanes

Infant School

A flying start...

Learning Mascots

We teach children to be reflective learners who can talk about how they learn and what sort of learner they are.  Our Learning Mascots are key to this and help the children to understand our learning values of Confidence, Ambition, Tolerance, Respect, Resilience and Independence.  The children also understand they can learn through playing and exploring (with Peggy) and understand keeping safe, healthy and well - with Wendy our newest mascot.



Meet our Learning Mascots!

Connie the Confident Cat
Aggie the Ambitious Alligator
Rosie the Resilient Rabbit
Iris the Independent Iguana
Tod the Tolerant Tiger
Raanah the Resilient Rhino
Peggy the Playful Panda
Wendy the Wellbeing Wobat