Four Lanes

Infant School

A flying start...

Learning Mascots

We teach children to be reflective learners who can talk about how they learn and what sort of learner they are.  Our Learning Mascots are key to this.
Picture 1

Connie the Confident Cat

Be proud!

Try new things.

Look for ways to improve.

Work hard and be determined.

Aggie the Ambitious Alligator

Take a risk.

Try a challenge.

Exercise your brain!

Concentrate and keep focused.

Rosie the Resilient Rabbit

Keep on trying.

Never give up!

Practise every day.

Use your mistakes to help you learn.

Iris the Indepenent Iguana

Have a go on your own.

Find ways to help yourself.

Use what you have to help you.

Tidy up after yourself.

Ask for help if you need to.

Tod the Tolerant Tiger

Be friendly to everyone.

Be interested in other people.

Listen to others and respect their ideas.

Cooperate with other children.

Raanah the Respectful Rhino

Be kind and considerate.

Use your manners.

Treat others how you would like to be treated yourself.

Look after the environment.