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Infant School

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Reading & Phonics

Children are taught synthetic phonics from YR in line with the Letters & Sounds programme from the DfE in daily lessons.  We use a multi-sensory approach which includes rhymes, phrases and pictures. Children are able to blend sounds into words to learn to read as well as segment words to write.  Children experiencing difficulty in accurate sound production may be taught 'Cued Articulation' actions to help them understand which part of the body the sounds come from.


Reading books are closely matched to the Letters & Sounds phases so that children can practise the phonics they are learning in school at home.  As well as books, we have e-library platforms that every child has access to.  In addition, a variety of different sharing books are used which are all colour banded into the Book Band approach.  Children read a variety of fiction, poetry and non-fiction books.


Reading Spine

A reading spine is a core set of books that children will engage with throughout their time at school.  We have created personalised reading spines for each year group, which we review regularly to ensure that we continue to offer our children a text rich curriculum.  Through creating these reading spines we can ensure that each child experiences a range of high quality texts and authors during their time at school and helps to foster a love for reading in our children.

Year R Reading Spine

Year 1 Reading Spine

Year 2 Reading Spine