Four Lanes

Infant School

A flying start...


We have a committed team of governors who come from within the local community and bring a range of skills and expertise to the role.  They have an important part to play in raising school standards through their three key roles of setting strategic direction, ensuring accountability and monitoring and evaluating school performance.  Governors and their roles can be found below:


Four Lanes Infant School Governing Board 2019/20


Governor Category Committee
Blackwood, Shirah Co-opted FGB, Pay, Finance
Busk, Andy Co-opted FGB, Headteacher Performance Management
Docherty, Julie Staff FGB
Freedman-Thompson, Courtney Co-opted FGB, Headteacher Performance Management
Jones, Julie Co-opted FGB
Mallaby, Jacqueline Headteacher FGB
Nicholls, Karl LA FGB, Pay
Razzell, Gary Co-opted FGB
Whiting, Helen Co-opted FGB (Chair), Pay, Headteacher Performance Management (Chair)
Brewster, Ali Associate Member FGB
McHale, Joe Parent FGB
Chapple, Natalie  Parent FGB
Vanzant-Birch, Melissa Co-opted FGB


The full governing board meets at least twice a term and is supported by two committees which also meet at least termly. The Governors Register of Pecuniary Interests is accessible below.


Four Lanes Infant School Governors’ Attendance Record for 2017/18




Full Governing Body (7 meetings per year) Resources Committee (4 meetings per year) Children & Learning (4 meetings per year) Pay (2 meetings per year)
Arunkumar, Saritha 0/3 n/a 0/1 n/a
Blackwood, Shirah 1/1 n/a 1/1 n/a
Busk, Andy 4/7 2/4 n/a 1/2
Cooper, Emma 7/7 n/a 4/4 n/a
Day, Alastair 7/7 4/4 n/a n/a
Freedman-Thompson, Courtney 5/5 n/a 4/4 n/a
Haynes, Gemma 4/7 n/a 4/4 2/2
Jones, Helen 7/7 3/4 n/a 2/2
Jones, Julie 6/7 n/a 4/4 n/a
Mallaby, Jacqui 7/7 4/4 4/4 2/2
Nicholls, Karl 1/1 n/a n/a n/a
Razzell, Gary 6/7 3/4 n/a n/a
Whiting, Helen 7/7 4/4 3/4




Numbers indicate meetings attended against the total possible for that governor.  All absences were accepted by the relevant committees.  Attendance data has been affected by the following membership movements:

  • Courtney Freedman-Thompson appointed November 2017
  • Saritha Arunkumar resigned March 2018
  • Shirah Blackwood appointed May 2018
  • Karl Nicholls appointed July 2018
  • Helen Jones resigned July 2018
  • Roger Fuller appointed September 2018


Four Lanes Infant School Governing Body Training Record for 2017-18

Courses Attended Governor
Induction for New Governors Courtney Freedman-Thompson
Clerks Support Meetings



Lee Rome
Meeting the Needs of all Pupils Helen Whiting, Saritha Arunkumar
Whole Governing Body Training (FLIS)


Governors and Ofsted

Saritha Arunkumar, Emma Cooper, Alastair Day, Courtney Freedman-Thompson, Gemma Haynes, Helen Jones, Julie Jones, Jacqui Mallaby, Gary Razzell, Helen Whiting
Performance Management Gary Razzell,   Andy Busk
Understanding Data in Primary Schools Julie Jones
Clerks’ Conference Lee Rome
Understanding the Primary Curriculum Julie Jones
Ofsted briefing Jacqui Mallaby, Helen Whiting
School Funding briefing Jacqui Mallaby, Helen Whiting


The chair of governors is contactable via email at
Whenever there is a vacancy for a parent governor, all parents are informed and have the opportunity to stand for office.Further information on school governors is available on Hampshire County Council’s website and on the Government website.

Annual Governance Statement